JHD B辑目录2016年第6期


Theory and applications of coupled fluid-structure interactions of ships in waves and ocean acoustic environment
You-sheng WU (吴有生), Ming-song ZOU (邹明松), Chao TIAN (田超), Can SIMA (司马灿), Li-bo QI (祁立波), Jun DING (丁军), Zhi-wei LI (李志伟), Ye LU (陆晔) (923)
Modern methods of underground hydromechanics with applications to reservoir engineering
Hua XIANG, Valery V. KADET (937)
An overview of simulation-based hydrodynamic design of ship hull forms
Chi YANG, Fuxin HUANG (947)
On the nanoparticulate flow
Jian-zhong LIN (林建忠), Ming-Zhou YU (于明州), De-ming NIE (聂德明) (961)
Wavy properties and analytical modeling of free-surface flows in the development of the multi-domain method
Xiaobo CHEN, Hui LIANG (971)
New prospects for computational hydraulics by leveraging high-performance heterogeneous computing techniques
Qiuhua LIANG, Luke SMITH, Xilin XIA (977)
Numerical analysis of cavitation cloud shedding in a submerged water jet
Guoyi PENG, Congxin YANG (杨从新), Yasuyuki OGUMA, Seiji SHIMIZU (986)
Evaluation of SIFOM-FVCOM system for high-fidelity simulation of small-scale coastal ocean flows
Development of Cartesian grid method for simulation of violent ship-wave interactions
Changhong HU, Cheng LIU (1003)
Numerical study on the effects of progressive gravity waves on turbulence
Anqing (Elliott) XUAN, Bingqing DENG, Tao CAO, Lian SHEN (1011)
Experimental tomographic methods for analysing flow dynamics of gas-oil-water flows in horizontal pipeline
Qiang WANG, Jiri POLANSKY, Bishal KARKI, Mi WANG, Kent WEI, Changhua QIU, Asaad KENBAR, David MILLINGTON (1018)
Energy saving by using asymmetric aftbodies for merchant ships–design methodology, numerical simulation and validation
Jie DANG, Hao CHEN (陈灏) (1022)
Development of an adaptive Kalman filter-based storm tide forecasting model
K. M. MOK (莫启明), U. H. LAI (黎宇轩), K. I. HOI (许嘉贤) (1029)
Hydrodynamic consideration in ocean current turbine design
Jiahn-Horng CHEN (陈建宏), Forng-Chen CHIU (邱逢琛), Ching-Yeh HSIN (辛敬业), Jing-Fa TSAI (蔡进发) (1037)
Bending modes and transition criteria for a flexible fiber in viscous flows
Xiufeng YANG (杨秀峰), Mou-bin LIU (刘谋斌) (1043)
Coupling of the flow field and the purification efficiency in root system region of ecological floating bed under different hydrodynamic conditions
Lei RAO (饶磊), Pei-fang WANG (王沛芳), Yang LEI (雷阳), Chao WANG (王超) (1049)
Modelling hydrodynamic processes in tidal stream energy extraction
Jie LIN (林杰), Bin-liang LIN (林斌良), Jian SUN (孙健), Ya-ling CHEN (陈娅玲) (1058)