JHD B辑目录2016年第1期



Self-propulsion of a three-dimensional flapping flexible plate
Chao TANG (唐超), Xi-yun LU (陆夕云) (1)


A numerical model for pipelaying on nonlinear soil stiffness seabed
Ying-fei ZAN (昝英飞), Chi YANG, Duan-feng HAN (韩端锋), Li-hao YUAN (袁利毫), Zhi-gang LI (李志刚) (10)
Numerical simulation of flow and bed morphology in the case of dam break floods with vegetation effect
Ming-liang ZHANG (张明亮), Yuan-yuan XU (许媛媛), Yang QIAO (乔洋), Heng-zhi JIANG (姜恒志), Zhong-zhe ZHANG (张钟哲), Guo-sheng ZHANG (张国胜) (23)
Wave force on composite bucket foundation of an offshore wind turbine
Ji-jian LIAN (练继建), Tong-shun YU (于通顺), Jin-feng ZHANG (张金凤) (33)
Numerical and experimental studies of hydraulic noise induced by surface dipole sources in a centrifugal pump
Hou-lin LIU (刘厚林), Han-wei DAI (戴菡葳), Jian DING (丁剑), Ming-gao TAN (谈明高), Yong WANG (王勇), Hao-qin HUANG (黄浩钦) (43)
Numerical study of spike characteristics due to the motions of a non-spherical rebounding bubble
Jia-xia WANG (王加夏), Zhi ZONG (宗智), Lei SUN (孙雷), Zhang-rui LI (李章锐), Ming-zuo JIANG (姜明佐) (52)
Mass transport in a thin layer of power-law fluid in an Eulerian coordinate system
Jie LIU (刘洁), Yu-chuan BAI (白玉川) (66)
Pelton turbine: Identifying the optimum number of buckets using CFD
Audrius ŽIDONIS, George A. AGGIDIS (75)
Flow, thermal criticality and transition of a reactive third-grade fluid in a pipe with Reynoldsʼ model viscosity
Samuel S. OKOYA (84)
Investigation of the effects of platform motion on the aerodynamics of a floating offshore wind turbine
Yuanchuan LIU, Qing XIAO, Atilla INCECIK, De-cheng WAN (万德成) (95)
Formation of air-entraining vortices at horizontal intakes without approach flow induced circulation
Mustafa GOGUS, Mete KOKEN, Ali BAYKARA (102)
Mixing of two different electrolyte solutions in electromagnetic rectangular mixers
Meimei WEN, Chang Nyung KIM, Yue YAN (114)
A new biomimicry marine current turbine: Study of hydrodynamic performance and wake using software OpenFOAM
Yung-Jeh CHU (125)
Numerical study of the flow in the Yellow River with non-monotonous banks
He-fang JING (景何仿), Yi-tian LI (李义天), Chun-guang LI (李春光) (142)
Study of bedload transport in backwater flow
Zhong-wu JIN (金中武), Jin-you LU (卢金友), Hua-li WU (吴华莉) (153)


Experimental study of water and dissolved pollutant runoffs on impervious surfaces
Yang XIAO (肖洋), Tao-tao ZHANG (张涛涛), Dongfang LIANG, Jack M. CHEN (162)
Ski-jump trajectory based on take-off velocity
Jian-hua WU (吴建华), Zhun XU (许准), Li YAO (姚莉), Fei MA (马飞) (166)


The Second Conference of Global Chinese Scholars on Hydrodynamics (CCSH’2016)
1st International Conference on the Material Point Method for Modelling Large Deformation and Soil-Water-Structure Interaction