JHD B辑目录2016年第2期


Hull form optimization of a cargo ship for reduced drag
Fuxin HUANG, Chi YANG (173)
Numerical simulation of self-similar thermal convection from a spinning cone in anisotropic porous medium
O. Anwar BéG, M. J. UDDIN, T. BéG, R. Reddy GORLA (184)
An axisymmetric model for draft tube flow at partial load
Hosein FOROUTAN, Savas YAVUZKURT (195)
An iterative re-weighted least-squares algorithm for the design of active absorbing wavemaker controller
Hong-qi YANG (杨洪齐), Mu-guo LI (李木国), Shu-xue LIU (柳淑学), Fang-mei CHEN (陈芳梅) (206)
Three-dimensional unstructured modelling of wave-induced circulation over a plane and irregular beach
Qiu-shun WANG (汪求顺), Hai-gui KANG (康海贵), Ke WANG (王科) (219)
Calculation of tip vortex cavitation flows around three-dimensional hydrofoils and propellers using a nonlinear k -ε turbulence model
Zhi-hui LIU (刘志辉), Ben-long WANG (王本龙), Xiao-xing PENG (彭晓星), Deng-cheng LIU (刘登成) (227)
Numerical simulation of the abrasive supercritical carbon dioxide jet: The flow field and the influencing factors
Zhen-guo HE (贺振国), Gen-sheng LI (李根生), Hai-zhu WANG (王海柱), Zhong-hou SHEN (沈忠厚), Shou-ceng TIAN (田守嶒), Pei-qing LU (陆沛青), Bin GUO (郭斌) (238)
In-situ study on nutrient release fluxes from shallow lake sediments under wind-driven waves
Yuan-jun SUN (孙远军), Shi-qiang LU (卢士强), Wei-qing LIN (林卫青), Dao-zeng WANG (王道增), Jing-yu FAN (樊靖郁), Zhu LI (李柱) (247)
Computation of vortical flow and flow induced noise by large eddy simulation with FW-H acoustic analogy and Powell vortex sound theory
Nan ZHANG (张楠), Hua XIE (谢华), Xing WANG (王星), Bao-shan WU (吴宝山) (255)
Hydrodynamic modelling of flow impact on structures under extreme flow conditions
Qiuhua LIANG, Kai-cui CHEN (陈恺翠), Jingming HOU, Yan XIONG (熊焱), Gang WANG (王岗), Juan QIANG (羌娟) (267)
Turbulent heat transfer and pressure loss in a square channel with discrete broken V-rib turbulators
Promthaisong PITAK, Eiamsa-ard PETPICES, Jedsadaratanachai WITHADA, Eiamsa-ard SMITH (275)
Manoeuvring prediction based on CFD generated derivatives
Shi He, Paula KELLETT, Zhiming YUAN, Atilla INCECIK, Osman TURAN, Evangelous BOULOUGOURIS (284)
Computational study of different venturi and orifice type hydrodynamic cavitating devices
Kuldeep, Virendra Kumar SAHARAN (293)
Numerical simulation of 3-D free surface flows by overlapping MPS
Zhen-yuan TANG (唐振远), You-lin ZHANG (张友林), De-cheng WAN (万德成) (306)
The experiment and analysis of transitional flow in pipe
Jun WANG (王军), Guang-sheng DU (杜广生), Jing-ying WANG (王京盈), Jie GENG (耿介), Dong LI (李冬) (313)
Lattice Boltzmann method for Casimir invariant of two-dimensional turbulence
Yu-xian XIA (夏玉显), Yue-hong QIAN (钱跃竑) (319)


Improved formulas for thermal behavior of oscillating nanobubbles
Yu-ning ZHANG (张宇宁), Shengcai LI (325)
Effects of water flow on the uptake of phosphorus by sediments: An experimental investigation
Yang XIAO (肖洋), Hao-ke CHENG (成浩科), Wei-wei YU (余维维), Zhi-wei LI (李志伟) (329)


Erratum to “Numerical study of the flow in the Yellow River with non- monotonous banks”


2016’ International Summer School on Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering and Mechanics