JHD B辑目录2016年第4期


Three-dimensional steep wave impact on a vertical cylinder
Ioannis K. CHATJIGEORGIOU, Alexander A. KOROBKIN, Mark J. COOKER (523)
1-D coupled non-equilibrium sediment transport modeling for unsteady flows in the discontinuous Galerkin framework
Farzam Safarzadeh MALEKI, Abdul A. KHAN (534)
Numerical study of roll motion of a 2-D floating structure in viscous flow
Lifen CHEN, Liang SUN, Jun ZANG, A. J. HILLIS, A. R. PLUMMER (544)
Hydraulic characteristics of a siphon-shaped overflow tower in a long water conveyance system: CFD simulation and analysis
Kang YU (余康), Yong-guang CHENG (程永光), Xiao-xi ZHANG (张晓曦) (564)
Numerical investigation of flow and heat transfer performances of horizontal spiral-coil pipes
Jia-dong JI (季家东), Pei-qi GE (葛培琪), Wen-bo BI (毕文波) (576)
Thermal and tilt effects on bearing characteristics of hydrostatic oil pad in rotary table
Zhi-feng LIU (刘志峰), Cheng-peng ZHAN (湛承鹏), Qiang CHENG (程强), Yong-sheng ZHAO (赵永胜), Xiao-yan LI (李小燕), Yi-da WANG (王义达) (585)
Estimation of boundary-layer flow of a nanofluid past a stretching sheet: A revised model
Naeema ISHFAQ, Zafar Hayat KHAN, Waqar Ahmad KHAN, Richard J. CULHAM (596)
Heat transfer at ice-water interface under conditions of low flow velocities
Nan LI (李楠), You-cai TUO (脱友才), Yun DENG (邓云), Jia LI (李嘉), Rui-feng LIANG (梁瑞峰), Rui-dong AN (安瑞冬) (603)
Flow regime and head loss in a drip emitter equipped with a labyrinth channel
Lin ZHANG (张林), Pu-te WU (吴普特), De-lan ZHU (朱德兰), Chao ZHENG (郑超) (610)
A study of hybrid prediction method for ship parametric rolling
Yao-hua ZHOU (周耀华), Ning MA (马宁), Jiang LU (鲁江), Min GU (顾民) (617)
Numerical simulation of flow characteristics for a labyrinth passage in a pressure valve
Hai-min WANG (王海民), Yue ZHAO (赵越), Jian-xing WANG (汪建兴), Xiang-shuai KONG (孔祥帅), Huan LIU (刘欢), Ke-liang LI (李科良), Xi-fang WANG (王喜芳) (629)
Effect of head swing motion on hydrodynamic performance of fishlike robot propulsion
Dan XIA (夏丹), Wei-shan CHEN (陈维山), Jun-kao LIU (刘军考), Ze WU (吴泽) (637)
A parameter analysis of a two-phase flow model for supersaturated total dissolved gas downstream spillways
Hui-xia YANG (杨慧霞), Ran LI (李然), Rui-feng LIANG (梁瑞峰), Juan WEI (魏娟), Qin ZHANG (张沁) (648)
Prediction of oil-water flow patterns, radial distribution of volume fraction, pressure and velocity during separated flows in horizontal pipe
Anand B. DESAMALA, Vinayak VIJAYAN, Anjali DASARI, Ashok Kumar DASMAHAPATRA, Tapas K. MANDAL (658)
Effect of some parameters on the performance of anchor impellers for stirring shear-thinning fluids in a cylindrical vessel
Houari AMEUR (669)
Design and development of guide vane cascade for a low speed number Francis turbine
Biraj Singh THAPA, Chirag TRIVEDI, Ole Gunnar DAHLHAUG (676)
Influence of near-shore marine structures in a beach nourishment project on tidal currents in Haitan Bay, facing the Taiwan Strait
Jie GU (顾杰), Yue MA (马悦), Bin-yu WANG (王彬谕), Jueyi SUI, Cui-ping KUANG (匡翠萍), Jian-hui LIU (刘建辉), Gang LEI (雷刚) (690)
Motion and deformation of immiscible droplet in plane Poiseuille flow at low Reynolds number
Ding-yi PAN (潘定一), Yu-qing LIN (林雨青), Ling-xin ZHANG (张凌新), Xue-ming SHAO (邵雪明) (702)


Numerical investigation of unsteady cavitating turbulent flows around twisted hydrofoil from the Lagrangian viewpoint
Huai-yu CHENG (程怀玉), Xin-ping LONG (龙新平), Bin JI (季斌), Ye ZHU (祝叶), Jia-jian ZHOU (周加建) (709)