JHD B辑目录2016年第3期


Review article

A review of cavitation in hydraulic machinery
Xian-wu LUO (罗先武), Bin JI (季斌), Yoshinobu TSUJIMOTO (335)


Numerical studies of the hysteresis in locomotion of a passively pitching foil
Xue-ming SHAO (邵雪明), Xiao-long ZHANG (张晓龙), Zhao-sheng YU (余钊圣) (359)
Determination of frequencies of oscillations of cloud cavitation on a 2-D hydrofoil from high-speed camera observations
Patrik ZIMA, Tomáš FÜRST, Milan SEDLÁŘ, Martin KOMÁREK, Rostislav HUZLÍK (369)
Numerical simulation of wave transformation, breaking and runup by a contravariant fully non-linear Boussinesq equations model
Corrected SPH methods for solving shallow-water equations
Shan-qun CHEN (陈善群), Bin LIAO (廖斌), Tao HUANG (黄涛) (389)
Lattice Boltzmann simulation of the open channel flow connecting two cascaded hydropower stations
Chun-ze ZHANG (张春泽), Yong-guang CHENG (程永光), Jia-yang WU (吴家阳), Wei Diao (刁伟) (400)
Experiment study of the effects of hydrodynamic disturbance on the interaction between the cyanobacterial growth and the nutrients
Jian HUANG (黄健), Bei-dou XI (席北斗), Qiu-jin XU (许秋瑾), Xi-xi WANG (王喜喜), Wei-ping LI (李卫平), Lian-sheng HE (何连生), Hong-liang LIU (刘鸿亮) (411)
Water quality model with multiform of N/P transport and transformation in the Yangtze River Estuary
Biao WANG (王彪), Shi-qiang LU (卢士强), Wei-qing LIN (林卫青), Yi-fan YANG (杨漪帆), Dao-zeng WANG (王道增)(423)
Numerical investigation of the effect of rotation on cavitating flows over axisymmetric cavitators
Ye-jun GONG (龚也君), Jie-min ZHAN (詹杰民), Tian-zeng LI (李天赠)(431)
Investigation of cavitation bubble collapse near rigid boundary by lattice Boltzmann method
Ming-lei SHAN (单鸣雷), Chang-ping ZHU (朱昌平), Xi ZHOU (周曦), Cheng YIN (殷澄), Qing-bang HAN (韩庆邦) (442)
Numerical solution of thermo-solutal mixed convective slip flow from a radiative plate with convective boundary condition
M. J. UDDIN, O. Anwar BéG, M. N. UDDIN, A. I. Md. ISMAIL (451)
A joint computational-experimental study of intracranial aneurysms: Importance of the aspect ratio
Simon Sui-Man LAI, Abraham Yik-Sau TANG, Anderson Chun-On TSANG, Gilberto Ka-Kit LEUNG, Alfred Cheuk-Hang YU, Kwok Wing CHOW (462)
Oscillating-grid turbulence at large strokes: Revisiting the equation of Hopfinger and Toly
Wan Hanna Melini WAN MOHTAR (473)
A robust WENO scheme for nonlinear waves in a moving reference frame
Theoretical analysis and numerical simulation of mechanical energy loss and wall resistance of steady open channel flow
Shi-he LIU (刘士和), Jiao XUE (薛娇) (489)
A simple method for estimating bed shear stress in smooth and vegetated compound channels
Yu-qi SHAN (单钰淇), Chao LIU (刘超), Mao-kang LUO (罗懋康), Ke-jun YANG (杨克君) (497)
Numerical simulations of viscous flow around the obliquely towed KVLCC2M model in deep and shallow water
Qing-jie MENG (孟庆杰), De-cheng WAN (万德成) (506)


Scattering of gravity waves by a porous rectangular barrier on a seabed
Qing-rui MENG (孟庆瑞), Dong-qiang LU (卢东强) (519)