JHD B辑目录2023年第35卷第2期



Wall-modeled large eddy simulation for the flows around an axisymmetric body of revolution
Song-tao Chen, Lu-chun Yang, Wei-wen Zhao, De-cheng Wan(199)
An Eulerian SPH method with WENO reconstruction for compressible and incompressible flows
Zhentong Wang, Chi Zhang, Oskar J. Haidn, Xiangyu Hu(210)
CFD simulation of a container ship in random waves using a coupled level-set and volume of fluid method
Hamn-Ching Chen, Chia-Rong Chen(222)
Mathematical modeling of icing process of the outer surface of the hull for a marine vessel
Konstantin Koshelev, Andrey Osipov, Sergei Strijhak, Nikita Tryaskin(232)


Evaluation of vortex evolution and energy loss within the impeller of a side channel pump
Ke Chen, Fan Zhang, Yu-jian Fang, Desmond Appiah, Shou-qi Yuan, Feng Hong(240)
Numerical investigation on the mechanism of impeller hub corner separation flow and induced energy loss in the bulb tubular pump
Long-yue Sun, Qiang Pan, De-sheng Zhang, Rui-jie Zhao, B. P. M. (Bart) van Esch(252)
Local hydraulic jump effects on sediment deposition in open-channel flume experiments
Shi-hao Fu, Mao-lin Zhou, Wei-lin Xu, Wang-ru Wei, Guo-guang Wang(268)
Numerical simulations of faraday waves in cylindrical and hexagonal tanks based on MPS method
Cong-yi Huang, Wei-wen Zhao, De-cheng Wan(278)
Simulation of open channel flows by an explicit incompressible mesh-free method
Zhi-jian Huang, Ti-bing Xu, David Z. Zhu, Song-da Zhang(287)
Investigation on the stall types in impellers with different blade numbers
Xiao-dong Liu, Yao-jun Li, Zhu-qing Liu, Wei Yang(299)
Numerical investigation of the effect of wedge-type cavitating-bubble generator on attached unsteady cavitating flows using proper orthogonal decomposition method
Bo-jie Hong, Chang-li Hu, Zhi-ying Wang, Hao-jie Xing(314)
Deflection of cavitation bubble near the rigid wall with a gas-containing hole
Yu-rong Sun, Qiang Zhong, Zhi-feng Yao, Dan Zi, Ruo-fu Xiao, Fu-jun Wang(330)
Optimization of an annular wave energy converter in a wind-wave hybrid system
Bin-zhen Zhou, Zhi Zheng, Yu Wang, Peng Jin, Lin Cui, Liang Cheng(338)
Investigation on strong nonlinear interactions between underwater explosion and water surface based on compressible multiphase flow with phase transition
Jun Yu, Hai-kun Wang, Zhen-xin Sheng, Yi Hao(351)
Boundary layer influence on ship model tests in extremely shallow and confined water
Evert Lataire, Asif Raza, Marc Vantorre, Guillaume Delefortrie(365)