JHD B辑目录2018年第30卷第5期




A selected review of vortex identification methods with applications
    Yu-ning Zhang (张宇宁), Xu Qiu (裘勖), Fei-peng Chen (陈飞鹏), Kai-hua Liu (刘凯华),Yu-ning Zhang (张宇宁), Xiang-rui Dong (董祥瑞), Chaoqun Liu(767)


Tracer advection in an idealised river bend with groynes
    Mohammad Mahdi Jalali, Alistair G. L. Borthwick.(780)
Simulation of the overtaking maneuver between two ships using the non-linear maneuvering model
    Peng Du , A. Ouahsine , K. T. Tran , P. Sergent(791)
The effect of downstream resistance on flow diverter treatment of a cerebral aneurysm at a bifurcation:A joint computational-experimental study
    Anderson C. O. Tsang , Billy Y. S. Yiu , Abraham Y. S. Tang , W. C. Chung , Gilberto K. K. Leung , Alexander K. K. Poon , Alfred C. H. Yu , Simon S. M. Lai , K. W. Chow(803)
Nonlinear dynamic characteristics of a multi-module floating airport with rigid-flexible connections
    Dao-lin Xu (徐道临), Hai-cheng Zhang (张海成), Shu-yan Xia (夏淑炎), Chao Lu (卢超),En-rong Qi (祁恩荣), Chao Tian (田超), You-sheng Wu (吴有生)(815)
Improving the real-time probabilistic channel flood forecasting by incorporating the uncertainty of inflow using the particle filter
    Xing-ya Xu (徐兴亚), Xuesong Zhang, Hong-wei Fang (方红卫), Rui-xun Lai (赖瑞勋),Yue-feng Zhang (张岳峰), Lei Huang (黄磊), Xiao-bo Liu (刘晓波)(828)
Two-phase SPH simulation of vertical water entry of a two-dimensional structure
    Lin Ma (马林), Xi Zhao (赵曦), Hua Liu (刘桦)(841)
Three-dimensional numerical study of flow characteristics and membrane fouling evolution in an enzymatic membrane reactor
    Xu-qu Hu (胡徐趣), Pai-qing Wu (吴排青), Xing-yi Wang (王星燚), Hai-cheng Zhang (张海成),Jian-quan Luo (罗建泉)(851)
Using spanwise flexibility of caudal fin to improve swimming performance for small fishlike robots
    Dan Xia (夏丹), Wei-shan Chen (陈维山), Jun-kao Liu (刘军考), Xiang Luo (罗翔)(859)
Dual-porosity model of rate transient analysis for horizontal well in tight gas reservoirs with consideration of threshold pressure gradient
    Li-na Cao (曹丽娜), Xiao-ping Li (李晓平), Ji-qiang Zhang (张芨强), Cheng Luo (罗诚), Xiao-hua Tan (谭晓华)(872)
Bed roughness adjustments determined from fractal measurements of river-bed morphology
    Yin-jun Zhou (周银军), Jin-you Lu (卢金友), Li Chen (陈立), Jie Ren (任杰)(882)
A radial basis function for reconstructing complex immersed boundaries in ghost cell method
    Jian-jian Xin (辛建建), Ting-qiu Li (李廷秋), Fu-long Shi (石伏龙)(890)
The wave absorption efficiency of multi-layer vertical perforated thin plates
    Bao-lei Geng (耿宝磊), Rong-quan Wang (王荣泉), De-zhi Ning (宁德志)(898)
Numerical study of cavitating flow in orifices and its effect on spray characteristics
    Morteza Ghorbani(908)
Flow imbalance in MHD flows in splitting ducts with locally different electric conductivities of the walls
    Yang Luo , Mengqi Zhu , C. N. Kim(920)
Numerical modeling of sediment transport based on unsteady and steady flows by incompressible smoothed particle hydrodynamics method
    Rasoul Memarzadeh, Gholamabbas Barani, Mahnaz Ghaeini-Hessaroeyeh(928)
Axial laminar velocity field calculation and optimization for power-law fluid in eccentric annulus with cutting bed
    Yong-hai Gao (高永海), Ye Chen (陈野), De-jun Cai (蔡德军), Hua-qing Liu (刘华清),Cheng-gui Liu (刘承贵), Qing-yong Li (李庆永)(943)
Fundamental diagrams for pedestrian flows in a channel via an extended social force model
    Yan-fang Wei (韦艳芳), Dong-kai Lan (蓝冬恺), Li-yun Dong (董力耘)(950)


Shallow-water sloshing motions in rectangular tank in general motions based on Boussinesq-type equations
    Yan Su (苏焱), Zu-yuan Liu (刘祖源), Zhi-liang Gao (高志亮)(958)
Air entrainment of hydraulic jump aeration basin
    Jian-hua Wu (吴建华), Yu Zhou (周宇), Fei Ma (马飞)(962)

A novel two-way method for dynamically coupling a hydrodynamic model with a discrete element model (DEM)

    Yan Xiong (熊焱), Qiuhua Liang , Samantha Mahaffey , Mohamed Rouainia , Gang Wang (王岗)(966)


2nd International Conference on the Material Point Method for Modelling Soil-Water-Structure Interaction
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