JHD B辑目录2018年第30卷第2期




Numerical solution of the Saint-Venant equations by an efficient hybrid finite-volume/finite-difference method
Wencong Lai, Abdul A. Khan (189)
Master equation and runaway speed of the Francis turbine
Zh. Zhang (203)
Vorticity vector-potential method based on time-dependent curvilinear coordinates for two-dimensional rotating flows in closed configurations
Yuan Fu (傅 渊), Da-peng Zhang (张大鹏), Xi-lin Xie (谢锡麟) (218)
Numerical study of hydrodynamic behavior and conversion efficiency of a two-buoy wave energy converter
Cen Yang (杨岑), Yong-liang Zhang (张永良) (235)
Numerical analysis of shell-side flow-induced vibration of elastic tube bundle in heat exchanger
Jia-dong Ji (季家东), Pei-qi Ge (葛培琪) , Wen-bo Bi (毕文波) (249)
Numerical and experimental studies of hydrodynamics of flapping foils
Kai Zhou (周凯), Jun-kao Liu (刘军考), Wei-shan Chen (陈维山) (258)
Modeling of thermodynamics of ice and water in seasonal ice-covered reservoir
Nan Li (李楠), You-cai Tuo (脱友才), Yun Deng (邓云), Rui-dong An (安瑞冬), Jia Li (李嘉), Rui-feng Liang (梁瑞峰) (267)
Flow structures and hydrodynamics of unsteady cavitating flows around hydrofoil at various angles of attack
Dong-mei Ju (剧冬梅), Chang-le Xiang (项昌乐) , Zhi-ying Wang (王志英) , Jun Li (李军), Nan-xi Xiao (肖南溪) (276)
Characteristics of air-water upward intermittent flows with surfactant additive in a pipeline-riser system
Meng-chen Gao (高梦忱), Jing-yu Xu (许晶禹) (287)
Analytical approach to entropy generation and heat transfer in CNT-nanofluid dynamics through a ciliated porous medium
Noreen Sher Akbar, M. Shoaib, Dharmendra Tripathi, Shashi Bhushan, O. Anwar Bég (296)
Couple stress fluid flow in a rotating channel with peristalsis
Y. Abd elmaboud, Sara I. Abdelsalam, Kh. S. Mekheimer (307)
2-D eddy resolving simulations of flow past a circular array of cylindrical plant stems
Kyoungsik Chang, George Constantinescu, Sanghyun Park (317)
Revisit submergence of ice blocks in front of ice cover–an experimental study
Jun Wang (王军), Yi-fan Wu (吴一帆), Jueyi Sui (336)
Numerical analyses of ventilated cavitation over a 2-D NACA0015 hydrofoil using two turbulence modeling methods
Dan-dan Yang (杨丹丹), An Yu (于安) , Bin Ji (季斌) , Jia-jian Zhou (周加建), Xian-wu Luo (罗先武) (345)
Transient aerodynamic characteristics of vans during the accelerated overtaking process
Li-ning Liu (刘立宁), Xing-shen Wang (王省身), Guang-sheng Du (杜广生), Zheng-gang Liu (刘正刚), Li Lei (雷丽) (357)


Energy dissipation of slot-type flip buckets
Jian-hua Wu (吴建华), Shu-fang Li (李书芳), Fei Ma (马飞) (365)
Some notes on numerical simulation and error analyses of the attached turbulent cavitating flow by LES
Xin-ping Long (龙新平), Yun Long (龙云), Wen-ting Wang (王文婷), Huai-yu Cheng (程怀玉), Bin Ji (季斌) (369)