JHD B辑目录2018年第30卷第1期




Spectral/hp elements method: recent developments, applications, and perspectives
Hui Xu , Chris D. Cantwell , Carlos Monteserin , Claes Eskilsson , Allan P. Engsig-Karup , Spencer J. Sherwin (1)


Five-equation and robust three-equation methods for solution verification of large eddy simulation
Rabijit Dutta, Tao Xing (23)


Modelling incompressible flows and fluid-structure interaction problems with smoothed particle hydrodynamics: Briefing on the 2017 SPHERIC Beijing International Workshop
Mou-bin Liu(刘谋斌), Can Huang (黄灿), A-man Zhang (张阿漫) (34)
High-speed water impacts of flat plates in different ditching configuration through a Riemann-ALE SPH model
Marrone, A. Colagrossi, L. Chiron, M. De Leffe, D. Le Touzé(38)
Towards development of enhanced fully-Lagrangian mesh-free computational methods for fluid-structure interaction
Abbas Khayyer, Hitoshi Gotoh, Hosein Falahaty, Yuma Shimizu (49)
SPH modeling of fluid-structure interaction
Luhui Han, Xiangyu Hu (62)
Numerical study of the wave-induced slamming force on the elastic plate based on MPS-FEM coupled method
Cheng-ping Rao (饶成平), De-cheng Wan (万德成) (70)
Modeling of single film bubble and numerical study of the plateau structure in foam system
Zhong-guo Sun (孙中国), Ni Ni (倪妮) , Yi-jie Sun (孙一颉) , Guang Xi (席光) (79)
Analysis of the hydrological safety of dams combining two numerical tools: Iber and DualSPHysics
González-Cao, O. García-Feal, J. M. Domínguez, A. J. C. Crespo, M. Gómez-Gesteira (87)
DualSPHysics: A numerical tool to simulate real breakwaters
Feng Zhang (张峰), Alejandro Crespo , Corrado Altomare, José Domínguez, Andrea Marzeddu, Shao-ping Shang(商少平) , Moncho Gómez-Gesteira (95)
SPH numerical investigation of the characteristics of an oscillating hydraulic jump at an abrupt drop
Diana De Padova , Michele Mossa , Stefano Sibilla (106)
Overview of SPH-ALE applications for hydraulic turbines in ANDRITZ Hydro
Rentschler, J. C. Marongiu, M. Neuhauser, E. Parkinson (114)


3-D Lagrangian-based investigations of the time-dependent cloud cavitating flows around a Clark-Y hydrofoil with special emphasis on shedding process analysis
Huai-yu Cheng(程怀玉), Xin-ping Long(龙新平), Bin Ji(季斌) , Qi Liu(刘琦) , Xiao-rui Bai(白晓蕊) (122)
Influence of upstream disturbance on the draft-tube flow of Francis turbine under part-load conditions
Ting Chen(陈婷), Xianghao Zheng(郑祥豪), Yu-ning Zhang(张宇宁) , Shengcai Li (131)
Streamline similarity method for flow distributions and shock losses at the impeller inlet of the centrifugal pump
Zh. Zhang (140)
The experimental study of hydrodynamic characteristics of the overland flow on a slope with three-dimensional Geomat
Guang-yue Wang (王广月), Guo-rui Sun (孙国瑞), Jian-kang Li (李建康) , Jiong Li (李炯) (153)
Impacts of bridge piers on water level during ice jammed period in bend channel–An experimental study
Jun Wang(王军), Shu-yi Li(李淑祎), Pang-pang Chen(陈胖胖) , Tao Wang(汪涛) , Jueyi Sui (160)


Energy dissipation statistics along the Lagrangian trajectories in three-dimensional turbulent flows
Jian-ping Luo(罗剑平), Yong-bo Wang(王永博), Xiang Qiu(邱翔) , Yu-xian Xia(夏玉显) , Yu-lu Liu (刘宇陆) (169)
Gas-liquid flow splitting in T-junction with inclined lateral arm
Le-le Yang(杨乐乐), Shuo Liu(刘硕), Hua Li(李华) , Jian Zhang(张健) , Ying-xiang Wu(吴应湘), Jing-yu Xu(许晶禹)(173)

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