JHD B辑目录2017年第5期



On the clean numerical simulation (CNS) of chaotic dynamic systems
Shi-jun Liao (廖世俊) (729)


BEM for wave interaction with structures and low storage accelerated methods for large scale computation
Bin Teng (滕斌), Ying Gou (勾莹) (748)


Flow-pipe-soil coupling mechanisms and predictions for submarine pipeline instability
Fu-ping Gao (高福平) (763)
Simulation of flows with moving contact lines on a dual-resolution Cartesian grid using a diffuse-interface immersed-boundary method
Hao-ran Liu (刘浩然), Han Li (李晗), Hang Ding (丁航) (774)
On the hydrodynamics of hydraulic machinery and flow control
Hong-xun Chen (陈红勋), Zheng Ma (马峥), Wei Zhang (张伟), Bing Zhu (朱兵), Rui Zhang (张睿), Qun Wei (魏群), Zheng-chuan Zhang (张正川), Chao Liu (刘超), Jian-wu He (何建武) (782)


A 3-D numerical study of solitary wave interaction with vertical cylinders using a parallelised particle-in-cell solver
Qiang Chen, Jun Zang, David M. Kelly, Aggelos S. Dimakopoulos (790)
Numerical simulation of three-dimensional breaking waves and its interaction with a vertical circular cylinder
Zhihua Xie, Lin Lu (吕林), Thorsten Stoesser, Jian-guo Lin (林建国), Dimitrios Pavlidis, Pablo Salinas, Christopher C. Pain, Omar K. Matar (800)
Theoretical and numerical investigations of wave resonance between two floating bodies in close proximity
Lei Tan (谭雷), Guo-qiang Tang (唐国强), Zhong-bing Zhou (周忠兵), Liang Cheng, Xiaobo Chen, Lin Lu(吕林) (805)
Stationary phase and practical numerical evaluation of ship waves in shallow water
Chen-liang Zhang (张晨亮), Jin-bao Wang (王金宝), Yi Zhu (朱怡), Francis Noblesse (817)
Capillary-gravity ship wave patterns
Hui Liang, Xiaobo Chen (825)


A 3-D SPH model for simulating water flooding of a damaged floating structure
Kai Guo (郭凯), Peng-nan Sun (孙鹏楠), Xue-yan Cao (曹雪雁), Xiao Huang (黄潇) (831)
Mechanism of air-trapped vertical vortices in long-corridor-shaped surge tank of hydropower station and their elimination
Fang Cai (蔡芳), Yong-guang Cheng (程永光), Lin-sheng Xia (夏林生), Yong-qi Jiang (蒋永琪) (845)
Effects of rotational speeds on the performance of a centrifugal pump with a variable-pitch inducer
Xiao-mei Guo (郭晓梅), Zu-chao Zhu (朱祖超), Gao-ping Shi (施高萍), Yong Huang (黄勇) (854)
Effect of the PTO damping force on the wave pressures on a 2-D wave energy converter
Xuan-lie Zhao (赵玄烈), De-zhi Ning (宁德志), Malin Göteman, Hai-gui Kang (康海贵) (863)
Effect of polymer and fiber additives on pressure drop in a rectangular channel
Amir Eshghinejadfard, Kashyapa Sharma, Dominique Thévenin (871)
Particle image velocimetry measurement of velocity distribution at inlet duct of waterjet self-propelled ship model
Jie Gong (龚杰), Chun-yu Guo (郭春雨), Tie-cheng Wu (吴铁成), Da-gang Zhao (赵大刚) (879)


An ISPH model for flow-like landslides and interaction with structures
Dongfang Liang (梁东方), Xuzhen He, Jing-xin Zhang (张景新) (894)
Determination of urban runoff coefficient using time series inverse modeling
Hai-long Yin (尹海龙), Zhi-chao Zhao (赵志超), Ruoqian Wang, Zu-xin Xu (徐祖信), Huai-zheng Li (李怀正) (898)
Flow structure and phosphorus adsorption in bed sediment at a 90o channel confluence
Yang Xiao (肖洋), Yang Xia (夏阳), Sai-yu Yuan (袁赛瑜), Hong-wu Tang (唐洪武) (902)


32nd International Workshop on Water Waves and Floating Bodies
Dezhi Ning, Bin Teng (906)