JHD B辑目录2017年第1期



Large eddy simulation of free-surface flows
Richard J. McSherry, Ken V. Chua, Thorsten Stoesser (1)


Effect of internal sloshing on added resistance of ship
Min-Guk Seo, Yonghwan Kim, Dong-Min Park (13)
Large eddy simulation of turbulent attached cavitating flow with special emphasis on large scale structures of the hydrofoil wake and turbulence-cavitation interactions
Bin Ji (季斌), Yun Long (龙云), Xin-ping Long (龙新平), Zhong-dong Qian (钱忠东), Jia-jian Zhou (周加建) (27)
Assessment of the predictive capability of RANS models in simulating meandering open channel flows
Jian-yin Zhou (周建银), Xue-jun Shao (邵学军), Hong Wang (王虹), Dong-dong Jia (假冬冬) (40)
The lubrication performance of water lubricated bearing with consideration of wall slip and inertial force
Zhong-liang Xie (解忠良), Na Ta (塔娜), Zhu-shi Rao (饶柱石) (52)
Ice accumulation and thickness distribution before inverted siphon
Hui Fu (付辉), Xin-lei Guo (郭新蕾), Kai-lin Yang (杨开林), Tao Wang (王涛), Yong-xin Guo (郭永鑫) (61)
Lattice Boltzmann simulations of oscillating-grid turbulence
Jin-feng Zhang (张金凤), Qing-he Zhang (张庆河), Jerome P.-Y. Maa, Guang-quan Qiao (乔光全) (68)
Fundamental study on mixing layer and horizontal circulation in open-channel flows with rectangular embayment zone
Michio Sanjou, Iehisa Nezu (75)
Cyclic strength of sand under a nonstandard elliptical rotation stress path induced by wave loading
Zhong-tao Wang (王忠涛), Peng Liu (刘鹏), Dongsheng Jeng, Qing Yang (杨庆) (89)
Numerical simulation of viscous flow past an oscillating square cylinder using a CIP-based model
Ying-nan Fu (付英男), Xi-zeng Zhao (赵西增), Fei-feng Cao (曹飞凤), Da-ke Zhang (张大可), Du Cheng (程都), Li Li (李莉) (96)
Experimental study of hydrodynamic performance of full-scale horizontal axis tidal current turbine
Feng-mei Jing (荆丰梅), Wei-jia Ma (马伟佳), Liang Zhang (张亮), Shu-qi Wang (王树齐), Xiao-hang Wang (王晓航) (109)
Quantitative study of degradation coefficient of pollutant against the flow velocity
Ben-sheng Huang (黄本胜), Chang-hong Hong (洪昌红), Huan-huan Du (杜欢欢), Jing Qiu (邱静), Xin Liang (梁馨), Chao Tan (谭超), Da Liu (刘达) (118)
Study of the natural vibration characteristics of water motion in the moon pool by the semi-analytical method
Li-qin Liu (刘利琴), Yan Li (李妍), Lei Huang (黄磊), You-gang Tang (唐友刚) (124)
Entropy generation analysis for the peristaltic flow of Cu-water nanofluid in a tube with viscous dissipation
Noreen Sher Akbar, Adil Wahid Butt (135)
Insoluble additives for enhancing a blood-like liquid flow in micro-channels
Hayder A. Abdulbari, Fiona Ling Wang Ming, Wafaa K. Mahmood (144)
Numerical estimation of bank-propeller-hull interaction effect on ship manoeuvring using CFD method
S. Kaidi, H. Smaoui, P. Sergent (154)


Numerical simulation of flow through circular array of cylinders using porous media approach with non-constant local inertial resistance coefficient
Jie-min Zhan (詹杰民), Wen-qing Hu (胡文清), Wen-hao Cai (蔡文豪), Ye- jun Gong (龚也君), Chi-wai Li (李志伟) (168)
Numerical study of the flow and dilution behaviors of round buoyant jet in counterflow
Meng Gao (高猛), Wen-xin Huai (槐文信), Yi-tian Li (李义天), Wei-jie Wang (王伟杰) (172)


10th International Workshop on Ship and Marine Hydrodynamics (IWSH 2017)
Journal of Hydrodynamics, Vol. 28 Annual Classified Catalog (2016)