JHD B辑目录2017年第3期



Characteristics of wave amplitude and currents in South China Sea induced by a virtual extreme tsunami
Zhi-yuan Ren (任智源), Xi Zhao (赵曦), Ben-long Wang (王本龙), Frédéric Dias, Hua Liu (刘桦) (377)


Modelling large deformation and soil–water–structure interaction with material point method: Briefing on MPM2017 conference
Alexander Rohe, Dongfang Liang (393)
MPM simulations of dam-break floods
Xuanyu Zhao, Dongfang Liang, Mario Martinelli (397)
Comparison of two projection methods for modeling incompressible flows in MPM
Shyamini Kularathna, Kenichi Soga (405)
Development of a hybrid particle-mesh method for simulating free-surface flows
Jakob Maljaars, Robert Jan Labeur, Matthias Möller, Wim Uijttewaal (413)
Poroelastic solid flow with double point material point method
Bruno Zuada Coelho, Alexander Rohe, Kenichi Soga (423)
Validation of material point method for soil fluidisation analysis
Marco Bolognin, Mario Martinelli, Klaas J. Bakker, Sebastiaan N. Jonkman (431)
Runout of submarine landslide simulated with material point method
Youkou Dong, Dong Wang, Mark F. Randolph (438)
Slope failure simulations with MPM
Philip J. Vardon, Bin Wang, Michael A. Hicks (445)


Effect of dike line adjustment on the tidal bore in the Qiantang Estuary, China
Jian Zeng (曾剑), Gang Chen (陈刚), Cun-hong Pan (潘存鸿), Zhi-yong Zhang (张芝永) (452)
Analyses of the stability of submerged ice blocks
Xin Zhao (赵新), Ji-jian Lian (练继建), Xiao-yan Song (宋小艳) (460)
Vortex shedding in the flow around two side-by-side circular cylinders of different diameters
Xiang Qiu (邱翔), Zhen-xiao Bi (毕贞晓), Jian-ping Luo (罗剑平), Yu-lu Liu (刘宇陆) (470)
The influence of nonlinear shear stress on partially averaged Navier-Stokes (PANS) method
Jin-tao Liu (刘锦涛), Peng-cheng Guo(郭鹏程), Tie-jun Chen(陈铁军),Yu-lin Wu (吴玉林) (479)
Numerical investigation of the time-resolved bubble cluster dynamics by using the interface capturing method of multiphase flow approach
Ying Chen (陈瑛), Chuan-jing Lu (鲁传敬), Xin Chen (陈鑫), Jie Li (李杰), Zhao-xin Gong (宫兆新) (485)
Optimal contract wall for desired orientation of fibers and its effect on flow behavior
Wei Yang (杨炜) (495)
Shock waves and water wing in slit-type energy dissipaters
Guo-bing Huang (黄国兵), Han Hu (胡晗), Cai-huan Wang (王才欢), Lan Du (杜兰) (504)
Numerical analysis of bubble dynamics in the diffuser of a jet pump under variable ambient pressure
Xin-ping Long (龙新平), Qing-qing Wang (王晴晴), Long-zhou Xiao (肖龙洲), Jun-qiang Zhang (章君强), Mao-sen Xu (徐茂森), Wei-feng Wu (吴伟烽), Bin Ji (季斌)………………(510)


Shedding frequency of sheet cavitation around axisymmetric body at small angles of attack
Chu-rui Wan (万初瑞), Hua Liu (刘桦) (520)
Standing wave at dropshaft inlets
Jian-hua Wu (吴建华), Wei-chen Ren (任炜辰), Fei Ma (马飞) (524)


2017 SPHERIC Beijing International Workshop