JHD B辑目录2017年第2期



Smoothed particle hydrodynamics and its applications in fluid-structure interactions
A-man Zhang (张阿漫), Peng-nan Sun (孙鹏楠), Fu-ren Ming (明付仁), A. Colagrossi (187)


Significant intervals of energy transforms in bubbles freely oscillating in liquids
Karel Vokurka (217)
Iterative Rankine HOBEM analysis of hull-form effects in forward-speed diffraction problem
Guang-hua He (何广华), Li-min Chen (陈丽敏), Jin-sheng Zhang (张劲生), Shi-jun Zhang (张世军) (226)
Investigation of rotating stall for a centrifugal pump impeller using various SGS models
Pei-jian Zhou (周佩剑), Fu-jun Wang (王福军), Zheng-jun Yang (杨正军), Jie-gang Mou (牟介刚) (235)
A scheme for improving computational efficiency of quasi-two-dimensional model
Tae Uk Jang, Yue-bin Wu (伍悦滨), Ying Xu (徐莹), Qiang Sun (孙强) (243)
Lattice Boltzmann model for shallow water in curvilinear coordinate grid
Zhuang-ming Zhao (赵庄明), Ping Huang (黄平), Shao-tian Li (李少钿) (251)
Drag reduction of wall bounded incompressible turbulent flow based on active dimples/pimples
Ming-wei Ge (葛铭纬), Le Fang (方乐), Yong-qian Liu (刘永前) (261)
Effects of finite-size heavy particles on the turbulent flows in a square duct
Zhao-wu Lin (林昭武), Xue-ming Shao (邵雪明), Zhao-sheng Yu (余钊圣), Lian-ping Wang (王连平) (272)
Modelling of wave transmission through a pneumatic breakwater
Maciej Paprota, Wojciech Sulisz (283)
Comparison of blood rheological models in patient specific cardiovascular system simulations
Anastasios Skiadopoulos, Panagiotis Neofytou, Christos Housiadas (293)
The best hydraulic section of horizontal-bottomed parabolic channel section
Yan-cheng Han (韩延成), Xue-ping Gao (高学平), Zheng-he Xu (徐征和) (305)
Numerical simulation of hydrodynamic performance of blade position-variable hydraulic turbine
Long-jing Li (李龙敬), Shen-jie Zhou (周慎杰) (314)
The effects of step inclination and air injection on the water flow in a stepped spillway: A numerical study
Khadidja Kherbache, Xavier Chesneau, Belkacem Zeghmati, Stéphane Abide, Saadia Benmamar (322)
Magnetohydrodynamic flows tuning in a conduit with multiple channels under a magnetic field applied perpendicular to the plane of flow
Y. Luo, C. N. Kim, M. Q. Zhu (332)
Numerical modelling of supercritical flow in circular conduit bends using SPH method
Nikola M. Rosić, Milena B. Kolarević, Ljubodrag M. Savić, Dejana M. Đorđević, Radomir S. Kapor (344)
Efficient suction control of unsteadiness of turbulent wing-plate junction flows
Jian-hua Liu (刘建华), Chang-you Song (宋长友) (353)
Numerical analysis of cavitation shedding flow around a three-dimensional hydrofoil using an improved filter-based model
De-sheng Zhang (张德胜), Wei-dong Shi (施卫东), Guang-jian Zhang (张光建), Jian Chen (陈健), B. P. M. (Bart) van Esch (361)


2017 SPHERIC Beijing International Workshop