JHD B辑目录2017年第4期



Mechanics of granular column collapse in fluid at varying slope angles
K. Kumar, J.-Y. Delenne, K. Soga (529)


Numerical simulation of submarine landslide tsunamis using particle based methods
Liu-chao Qiu (邱流潮), Feng Jin (金峰), Peng-zhi Lin (林鹏智), Yi Liu (刘毅), Yu Han (韩宇) (542)
A new three-dimensional finite-volume non-hydrostatic shock-capturing model for free surface flow
Francesco Gallerano, Giovanni Cannata, Francesco Lasaponara, Chiara Petrelli (552)
Double-averaging analysis of turbulent kinetic energy fluxes and budget based on large-eddy simulation
Xu Han (韩旭), Guo-jian He (何国建), Hong-wei Fang (方红卫) (567)
Spatial relationship between energy dissipation and vortex tubes in channel flow
Lie-kai Cao (曹列凯), Dan-xun Li (李丹勋), Huai Chen (陈槐), Chun-jing Liu (刘春晶) (575)
Prediction of the future flood severity in plain river network region based on numerical model: A case study
Zi-jun Hu (胡孜军), Ling-ling Wang (王玲玲), Hong-wu Tang (唐洪武), Xiao-ming Qi (戚晓明) (586)
The influence of wave surge force on surf-riding/broaching vulnerability criteria check
Pei-yuan Feng (封培元), She-ming Fan (范佘明), Jun Nie (聂军), Xiao-jian Liu (刘小健) (596)
Numerical simulation of hydraulic force on the impeller of reversible pump turbines in generating mode
Jin-wei Li (李金伟), Yu-ning Zhang (张宇宁), Kai-hua Liu (刘凯华), Hai-zhen Xian (冼海珍), Ji-xing Yu (于纪幸) (603)
Verification and validation of URANS simulations of the turbulent cavitating flow around the hydrofoil
Yun Long (龙云), Xin-ping Long (龙新平), Bin Ji (季斌), Wen-xin Huai (槐文信), Zhong-dong Qian (钱忠东) (610)
Application of binding theory for seepage of viscoelastic fluid in a variable diameter capillary
Er-long Yang (杨二龙), Ting-ting Gu (谷婷婷), Mei Wang (王梅), Huan Li (李欢) (621)
Numerical investigation of entropy generation and heat transfer of pulsating flow in a horizontal channel with an open cavity
Fatma Zamzari, Zouhaier Mehrez, Afif El Cafsi, Ali Belghith, Patrick Le Quéré (632)
Numerical investigation of Reynolds number and scaling effects in microchannels flows
S. A. Si Salah, E. G. Filali, S. Djellouli (647)
A numerical study of violent sloshing problems with modified MPS method
Debadatta Jena, Kishore Chandra Biswal (659)
Mixing features in an electromagnetic rectangular micromixer for electrolyte solutions
M. M. Wen, C. N. Kim (668)
A GPU accelerated finite volume coastal ocean model
Xu-dong Zhao (赵旭东), Shu-xiu Liang (梁书秀), Zhao-chen Sun (孙昭晨), Xi-zeng Zhao (赵西增), Jia-wen Sun (孙家文), Zhong-bo Liu (刘忠波) (679)
Numerical prediction of effective wake field for a submarine based on a hybrid approach and an RBF interpolation
Zhi-qiang Rao (饶志强), Chen-jun Yang (杨晨俊) (691)
Large eddy simulation of turbulent flow structure and characteristics in an annular jet pump
Mao-sen Xu (徐茂森), Xue-long Yang (杨雪龙), Xin-ping Long (龙新平), Qiao Lü(吕桥) (702)
Numerical analysis of flow separation zone in a confluent meander bend channel
Bin Sui (隋斌), She-hua Huang (黄社华) (716)


Cavitation erosion in bloods
Jian-hua Wu (吴建华), Yu Wang (王宇), Fei Ma (马飞), Wen-juan Gou (缑文娟) (724)


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