JHD B辑目录2020年第32卷第3期




A review on flow-induced vibration of offshore circular cylinders
Jia-song Wang, Dixia Fan, Ke Lin(415)


Principal coordinates and principal velocity gradient tensor decomposition
Yifei Yu, Pushpa Shrestha, Charles Nottage, Chaoqun Liu(441)
Study on the flow structure around discontinued vertically layered vegetation in an open channel
Naveed Anjum, Norio Tanaka(454)
Numerical study of morphological characteristics of rotational natural super-cavitation by rotational supercavita- ting evaporator with optimized blade shape
Zhi-ying Zheng , Qian Li , Lu Wang , Li-ming Yao , Wei-hua Cai, Hui Li, Feng-chen Li(468)
Estimation of the turbulent viscous shear stress in a centrifugal rotary blood pump by the large eddy particle image velocimetry method
Jing-jing Ji, Hao-yuan Li, Qing-yu Wu, Yu Zhang, Xian-wu Luo(486)
POD analysis on vortical structures in MVG wake by Liutex core line identification
Xiang-rui Dong, Xiao-shu Cai, Yinlin Dong, Chaoqun Liu(497)
Importance of incorporating systemic cerebroarterial hemodynamics into computational modeling of blood flow in intracranial aneurysm
Zhi-qiang Zhang, Li-jian Xu, Rong Liu, Xiao-sheng Liu, Bing-Zhao, Fu-you Liang(510)
On study of non-spherical bubble collapse near a rigid boundary
Xiao-jian Ma, Xin Zhao, Biao Huang, Xiao-ying Fu, Guo-yu Wang(523)
An SPH wave-current flume using open boundary conditions
Xing-ye Ni, Wei-bing Feng, Shi-chang Huang, Zi-jun Hu, Yong Liu(536)
The three-dimensional hydrodynamics of tadpole model’s solitary swimming and parallel schooling
Ting-ting Li, Wen-rong Hu, Xu-yang Chen(548)
The velocity patterns in rigid and mobile channels with vegetation patches
Bao-liang Ren, Dan Wang, Wen-qi Li, Ke-jun Yang(561)
Large eddy simulation of turbulent channel flows over rough walls with stochastic roughness height distributions
Hao Lu(570)
Effects of finite water depth and lateral confinement on ships wakes and resistance
Clément Caplier, Germain Rousseaux, Damien Calluaud, Laurent David(582)
Numerical investigation of frictional drag reduction with an air layer concept on the hull of a ship
Jun Zhang, ShuoYang, Jing Liu(591)
The hydraulic performance of twin-screw pump
Di Zhang, Li Cheng, Ying-yuan Li, Wei-xuan Jiao(605)
Experimental study of an ellipsoidal particle in tube Poiseuille flow
Yuan-feng Cui, Xiang-ting Chang, Hai-bo Huang(616)


Prediction of the precessing vortex core in the Francis-99 draft tube under off-design conditions by using Liutex/Rortex method
Cong Trieu Tran, Xin-ping Long, Bin Ji, Chaoqun Liu(623)