Rules for the Secretariat of the Executive Committee of ICHD

General Rules

1)  In order to promote the ICHD (International Conference on Hydrodynamics) as a more influential regular international conference, it is necessary to establish a standing secretariat for the Executive Committee (EC) of ICHD.
2)  Being entrusted by EC, the Secretariat performs its contractual obligations and rights.
3) The office for the Secretariat is located at the Editorial Office for the Journal of Hydrodynamics (JHD).  The JHD Editorial Office provides full financial support for all the activities of the Secretariat.

Detailed Rules

4) In order to guarantee the regularity and sustainability for ICHD, the Secretariat will improve the procedure for the preparatory work and academic communication during and after the ICHD meetings
5) The Secretariat will collect the information on the candidate organizers for the forthcoming ICHD, and submit the report to the EC for consideration and action
6) The Secretariat will communicate with the local organizer in regard to the preparatory work, including the making of call-for-paper announcement and the nomination for the candidates of ISC (International Scientific Committee) members and Keynote speakers.  The Secretariat will provide the LOC (Local Organizing Committee) and the Secretary of LOC with some suggestion in accordance with ICHD’s procedures.
7)The LOC and the Secretary of LOC have priority in selecting excellent ICHD papers for possible publication in LOC-related journals.  The Secretariat has also right to select other excellent ICHD papers for possible publication in the Journal of Hydrodynamics.
8) The Secretariat will establish and be maintaining a permanent ICHD website, in which the ICHD-related information is posted to make a full record for the ICHD’s history.  The website can be a platform for hydrodynamic scientists and engineers, with a purpose to promote the ICHD’s worldwide impact.  The website shows the development of ICHD and will post the abstracts of all the ICHD papers with an open access.

Organization of the Secretariat for the Executive Committee

  • Standing Secretariat of the Executive Committee of ICHD,

    185 Gaoxiong Road, Shanghai, 200011, China.

    Secretary General: D. Q. Lu (Shanghai University).
    Members: The staff in the Editorial Office of Journal of Hydrodynamics.


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