Overview of the 2nd Conference of Global Chinese Scholars on Hydrodynamics

Dong-qiang LU (卢东强)
Shanghai Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200072, China
E-mail: dqlu@shu.edu.cn

Abstract:  The 2nd Conference of Global Chinese Scholars on Hydrodynamics (CCSH’2016), held in Wuxi, China from the 11th to 14th November, 2016, was briefly reviewed.  More than 240 delegates from 12 countries and regions attended the CCSH’2016, at which eight plenary lectures, twenty keynote lectures and about 101 sessional papers were delivered.  The printed proceedings, edited by Y. S. Wu, S. Q. Dai and K Yan and published by China Ocean Press with an ISBN, collect 158 technical papers on theoretical, computational and experimental hydrodynamics.  Some selected papers are published in the sixth issue of the 28th volume (2016) in Journal of Hydrodynamics, which are also online at the ScienceDirect website.

Key words:  Chinese Scholars, hydrodynamics, conference.

The “Chinese Journal of Hydrodynamics” (CJHD), formerly “Journal of Hydrodynamics, Ser. A” (in Chinese), started publication in 1986. An independent English periodical, the “Journal of Hydrodynamics” (JHD) was initiated by the same editorial committee in 1989 and now is bi-monthly published. In last three decades, CJHD and JHD have made remarkable contribution to promote the academic exchange and progresses in hydrodynamics. The first Conference of Global Chinese Scholars on Hydrodynamics (CCSH) was held in 2006 in Shanghai to celebrate the 20th anniversary of CJHD. The 2nd CCSH is to provide a forum for presenting the latest results in hydrodynamics and stimulating wider academic exchange for Chinese scholars all over the world in this important field, and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of CJHD as well.

The 2nd CCSH were successfully held in China Scientific Research Center (CSSRC) located at Wuxi, China from the 11th to 14th November, 2016. The CCSH witnessed more than 240 delegates from about 70 universities and research institutes among 12 countries and regions, including Australia, Ireland, Japan, Russia, Singapore, The Netherland, UK, USA, and China (the mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan regions). The CCSH’2016 is also one of academic events for the 65th anniversary of CSSRC.

The CCSH’2016, jointly sponsored by the Editorial Board of Journal of Hydrodynamics, Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Chinese Society of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society, and Chinese Society of Oceanography, was financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Univ.), Shanghai Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics in Shanghai Univ., Hohai Univ., State Key Laboratory (SKL) of Hydroscience and Engineering in Tsinghua Univ., SKL of Coastal and Offshore Engineering in Dalian Univ. of Technology, SKL of Hydraulics and Mountain River Engineering in Sichuan Univ., SKL of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Science in Wuhan Univ., SKL of Heavy Oil in China Univ. of Petroleum (UPC), SKL of Pollution Control and Resource Reuse in Tongji Univ., SKL of Automative Simulation and Control in Jilin Univ., Science and Technology on Water Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Marine Design and Research Institute of China, Jiangsu Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, and Periodical Publishing Department of Harbin Engineering Univ.

There were eight distinguished plenary lectures for which the titles and the presenting authors are “Theory and applications of coupled fluid-Structure interactions of ships in waves and ocean acoustic environment” by You-sheng Wu (CSSRC), “Wave Attenuation by Coastal Forest” by Philip L.-F. Liu (Cornell Univ., USA), “Slamming: Recent progress in the evaluation of impact pressures” by Frédéric Dias (Univ. College Dublin, Ireland), “Modern method of underground hydrodynamics with applications to reservoir engineering” by V. V. Kadet (Gubkin Russian State Univ. of Oil and Gas, Russia), “Rubbish, stink and death: The roots, evolution, and future of water-quality modeling with emphasis on the impact of physics on aquatic biochemistry” by Steven C. Chapra (Tufts Univ., USA), “An overview of CFD-based hydrodynamics design of ship hull forms” by Chi Yang (George Mason Univ., USA), “Research on the nanoparticulate flow” by Jian-zhong Lin (China Jiliang Univ.), and “Theoretical and experimental studies on the steady-state resonant water waves” by Shi-jun Liao (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.).
The twenty sectional keynote speeches are “A study of interaction between vortex shedding and a lateral jet” by Jiahn-horng Chen (National Taiwan Ocean Univ., Taiwan, China), “Wavy properties and analytical modeling of free-surface flow in the solution of fluid-body interactions” by Xiao-bo Chen (Bureau Veritas, Singapore), “Energy saving with asymmetric aft body merchant ships: Design methodology, numerical simulations and validations by both model tests and sea trials” by Jie Dang (Maritime Research Institute, The Netherlands), “Hydrodynamics and simulation in smart city” by Qin-yin Fan (Osaka Univ., Japan), “Development of Cartesian grid method for simulation of violent ship-wave interactions” by Chang-hong Hu (Kyushu Univ., Japan), “New prospects for computational hydraulics by Leavraging high-performance heterogeneous computing techniques” by Qiu-hua Liang (Newcastle Univ., UK), “Modelling the hydrodynamic processes for tidal stream energy extraction” by Bin-liang Lin (Tsinghua Univ.), “Bending modes and transition criteria for a flexible fiber in viscous flows” by Mou-bin Liu (Peking Univ., China), “Numerical study on the dynamics of fluid and flexible plate interaction” by Xi-yun Lu (Univ. of Science and Technology of China), “Development of an adaptive Kalman filter-based storm tide forecasting model” by K. M. Mok (Univ. of Macau, China), “Numerical analysis of cavitation cloud shedding in a submerged water jet” by Guo-yi Peng (Nihon Univ., Japan), “Recent progress on the study of cloud cavitation in CSSRC” by Xiao-xing Peng (CSSRC), “Numerical study on the effects of progressive gravity waves on turbulence” by Lian Shen (Univ. of Minnesota, USA), “The Eco-hydrodynamic characteristic, pressures and management model of Bohai Bay” by Jian-hua Tao (Tianjin Univ., China), “Evaluation of SIFOM-FVCOM system for high-fidelity simulation of small-scale coastal ocean flows” by H. S. Tong (Univ. of New York, USA), “Coupling study on the flow field and purification efficiency in root system region of ecological floating bed under different hydrodynamic conditions” by Pei-fang Wang (Hohai Univ., China), “Experimental tomographic methods for analysing flow dynamics of gas-oil-water flows in horizontal pipeline” by Qiang Wang & Mi Wang (Univ. of Leeds, UK), “On the development of numerical tank for viscous marine hydrodynamics research and applications” by Jian-ming Yang (Iowa Univ., USA), “Assessing numerical methods for simulating wave-structure interactions” by Jun Zang (Univ. of Bath, UK), and “Stabilization mechanism of basin water circulation – a message from lop nur” by Hong-quan Zhang (Univ. of Tulsa, USA).

The 1039-page printed proceedings, edited by Y. S. Wu, S. Q. Dai and K. Yan and published by China Ocean Press with an ISBN 978-7-5027-9607-5, collect 155 papers and 3 abstracts, covering six categories, namely theoretical hydrodynamics, experiments and measurements in hydrodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, industrial fluid dynamics, naval hydro-dynamics and ocean engineering, hydraulic, water conservancy and environmental hydrodynamics [1]. Some selected papers are published in the sixth issue of Vol. 28 (2016) in Journal of Hydrodynamics, which are available online at the ScienceDirect website[2].

A special printed collection documents the history and development of CJHD, JHD, NCHD (National Conference on Hydrodynamics, China), CSCH (Cross-Strait Conference on Hydrodynamics), and ICHD (International Conference on Hydro-dynamics). These events were co-sponsored by the Editorial Board of CJHD and JHD. The collection includes six inscriptions by Che-min Cheng, Jia-chun Li, You-sheng He, Chao Wang, Ru-ping Zhou and Jian-zhong Lin, and 25 memorial articles by Lian-di Zhou, Yao-song Chen, Bin-yao Lin, Hua Liu, Bing Teng, Wei-lin Xu, Jie-min Zhan, Jian-hua Tao, et al.

Eight postgraduate students won the Outstanding Student Paper Awards in the CCSH’2016. They are M. M. Bhatti (Shanghai Univ.), Meng-chen Gao (Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Lin-lin Geng (Jiangsu Univ.), Hinchung Ho (Univ. of Cambridge), Zhi-wei Li (China Ship Scientific Research Center), Hao-ran Liu (Univ. of Science and Technology of China), Hui Liu (Zhejiang Univ.), and Ya-lan Song (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.).

In the closing ceremony, some activities co-organized by the JHD editorial board are announced: the 28th NCHD in Changchun from the 8th to the 12th Aug. 2017, the 6th CSCH in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China from the 31st Oct. to the 4th Nov. 2017, and the next CCSH in 2021.

[1] Y. S. Wu, S. Q. Dai and K. Yan (Eds.) Proceedings of the Second Conference of Global Chinese Scholars on Hydrodynamics, Beijing: China Ocean Press, 2016.
[2] http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/10016058/28/6.


Plenary Lectures

Theory and applications of coupled fluid-Structure interactions of ships in waves and ocean acoustic environment
Yousheng Wu, Mingsong Zou, Chao Tian, Can Sima, Libo Qi, Jun Ding, Zhiwei Li, Ye Lu (1)
Wave attenuation by coastal forest
Philip L.-F. Liu, Che-wei Chang, Chiang C. Mei (15)
Modern methods of underground hydromechanics with applications to reservoir engineering
V.V.Kadet, Hua Xiang (19)
Slamming: recent progress in the evaluation of impact pressures
Frederic Dias (32)
Rubbish, stink and death:The roots, evolution, and future of water-quality modeling with emphasis on the impact of physics on aquatic biochemistry
Steven C. Chapra (33)
An overview of simulation-based hydrodynamic design of ship hull forms
Chi Yang, Fuxin Huang (34)
Research on the nanoparticulate flow
Jianzhong Lin, Mingzhou Yu, Deming Nie (49)
Theoretical and experimental studies on the steady-state resonant water waves
Shijun Liao, Dali Xu, Zeng Liu, Zhiliang Lin (60)

Theoretical Hydrodynamics

Sectional keynote speeches

Numerical study on the effects of progressive gravity waves on turbulence
Lian Shen, Anqing (Elliott) Xuan, Bingqing Deng, Tao Cao (65)
Effects of a depletion layer on flow in a rotating channel
Chiu-On Ng (73)
Numerical study on the dynamics of fluid and flexible plate interaction
Xiyun Lu (81)

Parallel sessions

Displacement method for shallow water flows with moving boundaries
Feng Wu, Wan-xie Zhong (83)
Theoretical and experimental studies of the azimuthal instability of vortex rings generated by an oscillating disk
Jian Deng, Jingyu Xue, Lubao Teng, Xueming Shao (89)
Experimental study of air entrainment in the flow past a cylinder close to a free surface
Zhizhong Li, GuoyuWang, Biao Huang, Mindi Zhang, Jiafeng Hao (95)
The Vertical Structure of the Turbulent Boundary Layer under Combined Wave and Current
John Z. Shi, Zhibin Chen , Yun Wang (102)
Flow past main cylinder with two symmetrical control rods
Wenbo Wu, Jiasong Wang (108)
The unsteady numerical simulation of propeller cavitation behind a single-screw transport ship using OpenFOAM
Zheng Chao-sheng (117)
Recent perogress on the study of cloud cavitation in cssrc
Xiaoxing Peng, Guoping Zhang, Lianghao Xu, Yantao Cao, Fangwen Hong, Kai Yan (124)
On two asymmetry wake patterns behind two side-by-side square cylinders
Wei Zhang, Xiaodong Bai (132)
Equations of motion for a deformable cylinder moving in an inviscid fluid
Yi Qin, Fan Bai, Ren Sun (138)
A Study of Interaction between Vortex Shedding and a Lateral Jet
Tz Shiuan Lin, Jiahnhorng Chen (144)
Head-on collision between two hydroelastic solitary waves in a two-layer fluid
M. M. Bhatti, Dongqiang Lu (151)
The occurrence of rogue waves in stratified fluids: A preliminary study
Eric Tianyang Liu, Hiuning Chan, Kwokwing Chow (157)
Influence of compressibility on wave impact pressures and scaling investigation
Yigen Chen (163)

Experiments and Measurements in Hydrodynamics

Sectional keynote speeches

Experimental tomographic methods for analysing flow dynamics of gas-oil-water flows in horizontal pipeline
Qiang Wang, Jiri Polansky, Bishal Karki, Mi Wang, Kent Wei, Changhua Qiu, Asaad Kenbar,
David Millington (172)
Development of an adaptive Kalman filter-based storm tide forecasting model
K.M. Mok, U.H. Lai, K.I. Hoi (176)

Parallel sessions

Experimental study on cavitation over a flat hydrofoil with obstacle
Ming Chen, Xue-ming Shao, Ling-xin Zhang, Jackob Wouter Cijsouw (184)
Experimental investigation of the ventilated cavitating vortex shedding using PIV-POD method
Zhiying Wang, Mindi Zhang, Guoyu Wang , Junkai Huang, Biao Huang, Deming Gao (190)
The shedding dynamics of unsteady cavitating flows around two different axisymmetric bodies
Changli Hu, Youquan Cao, Guoyu Wang (196)
Numerical simulation on the flopping behavior of two side-by-side cylinders at different Reynolds numbers
Changshan Yin, Yangyang Gao, Kang Yang (203)
Experimental investigation of the flow pattern for the ventilated partial cavitating flows
Taotao Liu, Biao Huang, Guoyu Wang, Zhaobin Shen, Mindi Zhang (211)
Experimental investigation on dynamic contaminant release from permeable sediment layer under oscillating flow
Jingyu Fan, Daozeng Wang (217)
Comparison between one-way and two-way fluid-structure interaction simulations of a horizontal tidal current turbine
Zhipeng Deng , Qiuhao Hu, Yifan Dong , Ye Li (222)
The experiment and numerical calculation on a 3D hydrofoil with the dual vortices of local and leading edge
Gongzheng Xin, Gert Kuiper, Denghai Tang, Guoping Zhang (229)
Similarity analysis and experimental verification of siphon formation time of siphon pipes of prototype and model tests
Jiangang Feng, Xiangdong Qian, Xiaosheng Wang (238)
3-D numerical study of a spillway aerator with lateral deflector
Wen Wang,Ting Li, Junxing Wang, Haixiao Jing, Jingming Hou (245)
An experimental study of the influence of gate releasing time to the dam-break hydrodynamics
Hui Liu, Bingying Ying, Haijiang Liu (251)
Experimental study on turbulent flow in open channel with submerged flexible vegetation
Xue Tang, Wenxin Huai, Weijie Wang, Fang Zhao (257)

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Sectional keynote speeches

Numerical analysis of cavitation cloud shedding in a submerged water jet
Guoyi Peng, Yasuyuki Oguma, Seiji Shimizu (263)
Hydrodynamics and simulation in smart city
Qinyin Fan (270)
New prospects for computational hydraulics by leveraging high-performance heterogeneous computing techniques
Qiuhua Liang, Luke Smith, Xilin Xia (272)
Bending modes and transition criteria for a flexible fiber in viscous flows
Xiufeng Yang, Moubin Liu (280)

Parallel sessions

Nonlinear time-domain simulation of two interconnected floating bodies in a numerical wave tank
Xingya Feng , Wei Bai (289)
Lattice Boltzmann simulation of the deformation and breakup of a droplet impinging on a circular cylinder
Fan Yang, Yuhang Fu, Wanyu Chen, Yonghua Yan, Xueyan Guo, Ren Dai (295)
Numerical simulation of flow past a circular cylinder with different confinements
Xianquan Lv, Dan Yang , Yongliang Xiong (303)
A method for ventilated cavitation based on preconditioning
Guoliang Li, Jing Xie, Qiang Liu, Qing Shang (309)
Meshless particle methods for solving the water hammer equations
Qing-zhi Hou, Chun-ying Huang, Jian-guo Wei, Ling Zhou, Huan-feng Duan (315)
Simulation of wave overtopping on breakwater by using OpenFOAM
Baolei Geng, Ning Guan (321)
Numerical simulation of damaged compartment flooding with air compression effect
Zhiliang Gao, Tao Liu (327)
Simulation of surf zone wave breaking using extended shallow water equations with non-hydrostatic pressure
Jingxin Zhang, Dongfang Liang (333)
Approach of viscous/potential flow for simulation of flow around submerged body
Ji Zhao, Renchuan Zhu, Guoping Miao (339)
Unsteady cavitating flow around a hydrofoil: comparison of the standard k-ε model and a modified PANS
Huaiyu Cheng, Fengyu Lia, Maosen Xua, Qiao Lv, Bin Ji, Xinping Long (345)
Numerical simulation of vortex induced vibration of a circular cylinder using a CIP-based model
Dake Zhang, Hongyi Liu, Xizeng Zhao, Du Cheng (351)
Numerical simulation to the effect of air in dam-break problem
Hongyue Su, Zhaochen Sun, Shuxiu Liang, Xizeng Zhao (357)
Study of moving contact line across hydrophilic and hydrophobic stripes
Ming Liu, Xiaopeng Chen, Jianting Ren (363)
A 3D CIP-based numerical simulation of dam-break with obstacle
Du Cheng, Huayang Dong, Xizeng Zhao, Dake Zhang (368)
Numerical study on generation and reflection of solitary waves by/against a vertical wall
Guanghua He, Zhigang Zhang, Pengsheng Zhen Zhao, Zihao Zhang (374)
Progress on simulating nonlinear free-surface flows with Lattice Boltzmann method
Xuesen Chu, Wenji Han, Ke Zhang, Kai Yan (380)
Numerical simulation of fluid structure interaction in water entry problems by Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics method
Guang Chen, Ye Li (386)
Numerical simulation of flows with moving contact line on complex substrates
Haoran Liu , Hang Ding (395)
A Numerical investigation on the hydrodynamic responses to a submerged trapezoid berm using SWASH
Yue Ma, Cui-ping Kuang, Hong-lin Song, Zhi-chao Dong (399)
Numerical study of smooth profile method in simulating fluid-structure interaction problems
Fangfang Xie, Yao Zheng (405)
Numerical study of bragg reflection of irregular waves by FMBEM
Wanggang Shen, Zhiliang Lin (411)
Hydrodynamic performance of a flapping wing based AUV–a numerical study
Dingyi Pan, Yongcheng Li, Jian Deng, , Zheng Ma, Xueming Shao (417)
The numerical simulation of separated flow past multi-cylinders using RVM
Yunxing Zhang, Huaixi Liu, Shan Ma, Wenyang Duan (423)
Effect of mass ratio on the vortex-induced vibrations of a top tensioned riser
Bowen Fu, Muyu Duan, Decheng Wan (431)
Direct simulation of zigzag maneuver for fully appended ship
Jianhua Wang, Decheng Wan (436)
Numerical investigation of wake equalizing duct by using double-model theory
Tao Sun, Chonghong Yin, Decheng Wan (442)
Effects of the location of horizontal baffle on liquid sloshing by MPS method
Xiang Chen, Youlin Zhang, Decheng Wan (448)
The effect of top tension on VIV model analysis of a vertical flexible riser
Muyu Duan, Bowen Fu, Decheng Wan (455)
Coupling response of a semi-submersible platform with its mooring system
Xiaotong Zhang, Yao Peng, Decheng Wan (461)
Inversing source intension and longitudinal dispersion coefficient of 1-D stream water quality model using adjoint data assimilation method
Wugang Zhou, Zhonghua Yang, Fengpeng Bai (469)
Numerical simulation of lateral floating characteristic of helicopter
Xinying Li, Mingzhen Wang , Bin Wu, Ziding Lian, Ting Jiang (475)
Study of the interaction between landslides and rigid barriers with SPH method
Xuzhen He, Dongfang Liang (481)
Assessing numerical methods for simulating wave-structure interactions
Jun Zang, Lifen Chen, Qiang Chen, Liang Sun, Paul H Taylor (490)
Towards high-Fidelity simulation of tidal-power-extraction flow with realistic turbine and coastal setting
H. Zou, H. S. Tang, C. H. Lee, J. Q. Xia, Y. Zhou (496)

Industrial Hydrodynamics

Sectional keynote speeches

Modelling hydrodynamic processes in tidal stream energy extraction
Jie Lin, Binliang Lin, Jian Sun, Yaling Chen (502)
Hydrodynamic consideration in ocean current turbine design
Jiahnhorng Chen, Forngchen Chiu, Chingyeh hsin, Jingfa Tsai (510)

Parallel sessions

Effect of drag models on CFD simulation of biomass gasification in a fluidized bed gasifier
Xiaoke Ku (517)
Numerical investigation of evolution of free-surface and sub-surface vortices in pump sump based on LES
Ruijie Zhao, Qiang Pan, Desheng Zhang, Weidong Shi, Junjie Zhang (522)
Stabilization mechanism of basin water circulation–a message from lop nur
Hongquan (Holden) Zhang (530)
Numerical anylisis of the unsteady flow in an axial-flow pump at design and off-design conditions
Rui Zhang, Hongxun Chen, Hui Xu, Jiangang Feng, Xiaosheng Wang, Tong Mou (536)
Numerical simulation of effects of the gap size on the tip leakage vortex around a naca0009 hydrofoil
linlin Geng, Desheng Zhang, Weidong Shi (543)
Assessment of an improved filter-based model in simulating tip vortex cavitation in axial flow pump
Lei Shi, Desheng Zhang, Linlin Geng (549)
The qualitative investigation on one new type hollow gravity anchor
Jiemin Zhan, Wenhao Cai, Wenqing Hu, Tianzeng Li, Yejun Gong (555)
Research on aerodynamic characteristics of van out from road tunnel under crosswind
Dong LI, Xiule Yuan, Guangsheng Du (560)
Gas-liquid flow splitting at T-junctions tubes with inclined branch arms
Lele Yang, Jian Zhang, Shuo Liu, Jingyu Xu (566)
Effect of sand content on the rheological properties of heavy crude oil
Dong Zhang, Jian Zhang, Shuo Liu, Xiaoping Chen, Jingyu Xu (572)
Numerical investigations on gas-liquid distribution characteristics of intermittent flows in a pipeline- riser system
Mengchen Gao, Jingyu Xu, Yingxiang Wu, Jun Guo (577)
WIG effect turbine of a remarkable energy generation efficiency
Pengfei Liu (582)
On the transient wave-roughness-blockage interaction in fluid piping systems
Huanfeng Duan (594)
Extreme wind loading prediction of a 2MW horizontal-axis wind turbine
Ke-Chu Lee, Shiu-Wu Chau (600)

Naval Hydrodynamics and Ocean Engineering

Sectional keynote speeches

Wavy properties and analytical modeling of free-surface flows in the development of the multi-domain method
Xiaobo Chen, Hui Liang (606)
Thoughts on exascale numerical tank development for marine hydrodynamics
Jianming Yang, Wenyang Duan (612)
Energy saving by using asymmetric aftbodies for merchant ships –design methodology, numerical simulation and validation
Jie Dang, Hao Chen (620)
Development of cartesian grid method for simulation of violent ship-wave interactions
Changhong Hu, Cheng Liu (627)

Parallel sessions

Application of bezier curve In waterjet propulsion inlet duct
Guorui Ji, Youlin Cai , Ning Lin (635)
Research on the resistance and motions of a trimaran in regular waves of different wave amplitudes
Rui Deng, Chao Li, De-bo Huang, Guang-li Zhou, Shan Ma (641)
A practical approach to calculate ship resistance
Qiuxin Gao (646)
Development of an optimal approach for hydrofoils and blades of marine current turbines
Hang Li, Shiyao Zhou, Long Yu, Jiazhi Liu, Yanping He (654)
Effect of the opening shape on the hydrodynamics of a fixed OWC wave energy device
RongQuan Wang, Dezhi Ning, Bin Teng (660)
Numerical calculation of the hydrodynamic forces on a SWATH in pure yaw motion
Li Xia, Zao-Jian Zou (666)
Design and analysis of flow channel for underwater vehicle water-jet pump
Pengcheng Li, Youlin Cai (672)
The calculation of large amplitude ship roll motion based on the nonlinear time-domain panel method
Shuxia Bu, Min Gu, Jilong Chu, Chengsheng Wu (679)
On the development of a numerical tank for potential flow ship seakeeping hydrodynamics
Jikang Chen,Wenyang Duan (685)
Kelvin source green’s function distributing on horizontal line segments and applications in ship wave problems
Yalan Song, Renchuan Zhu, Liang Hong, Xi Chen, Qingli Huang (692)
An application research of vortex generator on vibration reduction for multi-propulsion vessel
Hongbo Huang, Qingyu Xue, Feng Wang, Xiaoyong Shi, Zhirong Zhang (698)
Analysis of unsteady cavitating flow and pressure fluctuation around highly skewed propeller in non-uniform wake
Chao Yu, Yiwei Wang, Chenguang Huang, Xiaocui Wu, Tezhuan Du (704)
The effects of hydrodynamic interactions on wave drift force acting on multiple three-dimensions floating bodies
Zhigang Zhang, Guanghua He, Zhenpengsheng Zhao, Shijun Zhang (710)
Study on forcedly-parametrically excited rolling of a ship in oblique waves based on a 3D time-domain method
Jilong Chu, Chengsheng Wu, Jiang Lu, Min Gu (716)
Study on ship roll damping
Yin Jiang, Renchuan Zhu, Guoping Miao, Liang Hong, Chao Ma (722)
Short-term forecast of ship midship vertical wave bending moment
Huoming Zhang, Lingbin Kong, Saihua Huang, Guisheng Fang (730)
A design method for 3-D hydrofoil by the specified pressure distribution based on velocity potential flux of the surface
Bin Zhou, Denghai Tang, Sheng Meng, Ming Yang (737)
Pattern wave simulation of high speed ships by ISPH based on 2D+t theory
Xing Zheng, Shuangrui Xu, Wenyang Duan, Qingwei Ma (744)
A computational simulation method for the ship resistance considering the sinkage and trim
Jia Su, Songbo Feng (750)
Optimization design for hull lines of a salvage ship
Hongmei Chen, Honggang Wei, Hai Yu, Jiayi He (755)
Experimental investigation on the singing vortex for an elliptical hydrofoil
Mingtai Song, Lianghao Xu, Xiaoxing Peng, Denghai Tang (761)
RANS simulation of unsteady cavitation flows around a twisted hydrofoil
Zhihui Liu, Benlong Wang, Xiaoxing Peng (766)
Numerical and experimental research on the direct stability assessment criteria under dead ship condition in rough seas
Tianhua Wang, Min Gu, Ke Zeng, Jiang Lu (772)
Numerical study on hyelastic responses of very large floating structures in variable topography
Zhiwei Li, Jun Ding, Chao Tian, Zhidong Wang, XiaoZhou Ma, Yousheng Wu (777)
Numerical study of floating body motion under regular waves by MPS method
Chengping Rao, Decheng Wan, Mario Martinelli (786)
Multi-objective hydrodynamic optimization for ONR tumblehome ship
Jianwei Wu, Xiaoyi Liu, Decheng Wan (793)
CFD analysis of spar vortex-induced motions in uniform and sheared flows
Weiwen Zhao , Decheng Wan (800)
Unsteady hydrodynamic simulation of a floating offshore wind turbine with oscillating pitch motion
Ping Cheng, Yong Ai , Decheng Wan (807)
Numerical simulation of green water on S-175 containership
Zhenghao Liu, Decheng Wan (815)
Numerical analysis of bilge keels effects on the rolling motion of a ship
Tian Luo, Decheng Wan (822)
The vortex structure and hydrodynamics of undulating fins propulsion
Yaqiang Bai, Jun Zhang, Shucheng Zhai, Enbao Ding (829)
The numerical and experimental research on the water load of amphibious aircraft hull
Feng Sun, Ziding Lian, Jiaxu Zhang, Biao Gu, Lintang Chu (838)
Finite element modeling of elastic deformations of a floating fish cage collar under regular and irregular waves
Xiaohua Huang, Genxi Guo, Qiyou Tao, Yu Hu, Haiyang Liu, Shaomin Wang (844)
The lines optimization of 75 m platform supply vessel
Yanxia Wang, Ye Chang, Jia Su, Qiang Zhao (850)
Time-domain analysis for coupling motions of ships side by side advancing in waves
Wenjun Zhou, Renchuan Zhu, Kai Tang (855)
A modeling study of hydrodynamics at submarine pipelines in tidal currents
E. J. Zhao, B. Shi, H. S. Tang, W. X. Huai (862)
Study on onset of scour around underwater pipes with material point method
Xuanyu Zhao, Dongfang Liang, Mario Martinelli (868)

Hydraulic, Water Conservancy and Environment Engineering

Sectional keynote speeches

Evaluation of SIFOM-FVCOM System for high-fidelity simulation of small-scale coastal ocean flows
K. Qu, H. S. Tang, A. Agrawal, C. B. Jiang, B. Deng (877)
The eco-hydrodynamic characteristics, pressures and management model of Bohai Bay
Jianhua Tao, Changgen Liu (885)
Coupling study on the flow field and purification efficiency in root system region of ecological floating bed under different hydrodynamic conditions
Lei Rao, Peifang Wang, Yang Lei , Chao Wang (891)

Parallel sessions

Numerical study of hydrodynamic characteristic and pollutant transport in zhuanghe aquaculture waters
Mingliang Zhang, Xinpeng Hu, Xiaohao Li, Wei Cao, Jinming Yu, Haijin Liao (902)
Determination of the effect of supercritical carbon dioxide jet on the rock strength
Yukun Du, Ruihe Wang, Xiaohong Chen, Hongjian Ni, Mukun Li, Peng Lin, Yixin Chen, Tian Ye (908)
Influence of runoff on the movement of stagnation points in the north passage of the Yangtze River Estuary
Zhichao Dong, Cuiping Kuang, Yue Ma, Honglin Song (912)
Tidal current flows through a fish farm considering the effect of biofouling
Chunwei Bi, Yunpeng Zhao, Guohai Dong, Tiaojian Xu (919)
Elaborate simulation of the interaction between flow and net cage
TiaoJian Xu, MingFu Tang, GuoHai Dong, YunPeng Zhao, ChunWei Bi (926)
Numerical investigation on wave attenuation through rigid plants
Zegao Yin, Xiaoyu Yang, Lin Ma, Yuanzhao Xu, Haixiang Lu (932)
Experimental investigations of the type-a wave packet’s evolution and energy transmission over a gentle slope
Hui Du, Gang Wei, Xinlong Wang, Mengmeng Gu (938)
Effect of phosphorus adsorption on the sediment Zeta potential
Fei Shen, Yang Xiao, Haoke Cheng (944)
Research on the simulation of the current force on the square metal netting
Changping Chen, Jiacheng Zheng, Yanna Zheng, Wen Wang, Xianying Shi (950)
Experimental study on the resistanceof the overland flowon the slope reinforced by three dimensional Geomat under rainfallcondition
Guangyue Wang, Xinlei Shan, Yan Wang, Guangsheng Du (958)
Numerical modeling of the severn river bore propagation process
Wei Wu, Dongfang Liang (963)
On the accuracy of the random walk simulation of pollutant dispersion
Xuefei Wu, Dongfang Liang (972)
On the efficiency of lake destratification by bubble plumes
Ruoqian Wang, Dongdong Shao, Hailong Yin (979)
Hydrodynamics and pollutant transport modeling of Poyang Lake, China for the study of downstream engineering control’s effect
Hinchung Ho, Guoxian Huang, Dongfang Liang (984)
Settling velocity of non-spherical hydrochorous seeds
Xi Zhu, Yuhong Zeng (990)
Hydraulically optimum flat-bottomed power-law channel
Mingdeng Zhao, Zilong Fan, Haitao Jia (997)
Application of bubble curtain in the underwater blasting in immersed tunnel of zoutouzui tunnel project
Bin Wei, Wei Su, Hui Yang, Jiemin Zhan, Jirong Huang,. Jinan Chen (1004)
Flow structure and turbulence in partly-vegetated open channel
Xufeng Yan, Huanfeng Duan, Winghong Onyx Wai, Xiekang Wang (1008)
Numerical modelling of landslide induced transient waves
Haixiao Jing, Wen Wang, Changgen Liu, Guodong Li, Jianhua Tao (1014)
Modelling the fate of nitrogen in a wastewater treatment plant effluent dominant river
Jingshui Huang, Hailong Yin, Gang Zhou, Ruyi Xie, Qi Zhou, Yifei Li (1020)
Evaluation of entrainment rates of sediment grains under plane bed, fixed dune and mobile dune conditions
Niansheng Cheng (1028)
Gravity currents due to barged sediment disposal
Jenn Wei Er, Adrian W. K. Law, E. Eric Adams (1034)
Importance of solubility and bubble pressure models to predict pressure of nitrified oil based drilling fluid
Sajjad Negahban, Ruihe Wang, Hao Li, Baojiang Sun (1040)


The Second Conference of Global Chinese Scholars on Hydrodynamics (CCSH’2016)

Scientific Committee:

Chairman: WU, You-sheng (CSSRC)
Members: All the members of the Advisors and the Executive Editorial Committee for the JHD

Local Organizing Committee:

Chairman: WU, You-sheng (CSSRC)
Vice Chairmen: DAI Shi-qiang (SHU)
MIAO Guo-ping (SJTU)
Members: All the members of the Advisors and the Executive Editorial Committee for the JHD

Sponsored by:

Editorial Board of “Journal of Hydrodynamics”
Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Me- chanics (CSTAM)
Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (CSNAME)
Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society (CHES)

Supported by:

China Ship Scientific Research Center
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Shanghai Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Shanghai University
Hohai University
State Key Laboratory of Hydroscience and Engi- neering, Tsinghua University
State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore En- gineering, Dalian University of Technology
State Key Laboratory of Hydraulics and Mountain River Engineering, Sichuan University
State Key Laboratory of Water Resources and Hy- dropower Engineering Science, Wuhan University
State Key Laboratory of Heavy Oil, China University of Petroleum (UPC)
State Key Laboratory of Pollution Control and Resource Reuse, Tongji University
State Key Laboratory of Automative Simulation and Control, Jilin University
Science and Technology on Water Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Marine Design and Research Institute of China

第一届全球华人水动力学研讨会简介-2006 上海


为了庆祝《水动力学研究与进展》创刊20周年,进一步弘扬中华民族文化、促进水动力学跨学科的交叉学术交流,为全球华人水动力学科的科研人员提供发表最新研究成果和交换研究信息平台,《水动力学研究与进展》编委会、中国力学学会、中国造船工程学会、中国水利学会、中国海洋学会、上海力学学会于2006年7月11–14日在上海召开了全球华人水动力学学术会议(CCSH’06),到会的有来自13个国家和地区的华人学者和专家120人。著名美籍华人学者美国工程院院士梅强中教授和刘立方教授等在会上作了大会报告。会议论文集《Proceedings of the Conference of Global Chinese Scholars on Hydrodynamics》由朱德祥、周连第、杨显成主编,上海大学出版社出版。在该论文集上发表的87篇论文已全部被国际三大著名检索机构ISTP、EI和SCI收录:(1) 被ISTP(新称CPCI-S)收录:以《Proceedings of the Conference of Global Chinese Scholars on Hydrodynamics》的名义,2007年3月;(2) 被EI收录,以《Journal of Hydrodynamics》Volume 18, Issue 3, Supplement 1, July 2006,http://www.science direct.com/science/journal /10016058/18/3/supp/s.名义在Science Direct出版,2007年5月;(3) 被SCI收录,名义同(2),第54条记录到144条,2012年4月。

第七届周培源优秀水动力学论文奖评选工作于2006年1月1日开始启动。按“周培源优秀水动力学论文奖实施办法”分报名申请、评估、初选、复评、审批五个阶段进行。评选结果如下:二等奖(1):李玉成,等:局部开孔沉箱结构在斜向波作用下的受力分析,《水动力学研究与进展》A辑,2003, 18(5): 553-563;二等奖(2): 卢东强:自由表面与粘性尾迹的相互作用,《应用数学与力学》,2004, 25(6): 591-598;三等奖:施红辉,等:Study of Fluid Mechanics of Hypervelocity Liquid Jets, 《Journal of Hydrodynamics》, Ser. B, 2003, 15(6): 25-31。

第七届国际水动力学学术会议(ICHD 2006)于2006年在意大利举办。

从2006年开始,全球最具影响力的出版集团Elsevier在全球发行本刊。Elsevier的数据库Scopus和Science Direct全文收录本刊所载论文。