Call for Papers: Special Issue on Flow-induced vibrations (FIV) of cylindrical structures

The Journal of Hydrodynamics is pleased to announce a special issue dedicated to the topic of Flow-induced vibrations of cylindrical structures.

The vibration of such a structure subject to flow has been known to humanity since ancient times; for example, the phenomenon of a wire vibrating at its natural frequency in response to vortex shedding was recognized in ancient Greece as Aeolian tones. But systematic studies of the problem were not made until a century ago when Strouhal established the relationship between vortex shedding frequency and flow velocity for a given cylinder diameter. From an engineering point of view, flow-induced vibrations are particularly harmful if the vibration frequency synchronizes with one of the natural frequencies of the structure. Therefore, this issue holds great engineering significance, as vortex-induced forces may develop in structures exposed to fluid flow, such as tall stacks, bridge towers, cables, offshore structures, and pipelines.


This special issue focuses on studying the fluid-structures interaction mechanism inspired by FIV of cylindrical structures and their applications in solving real-world problems. We welcome contributions from scientists and engineers across diverse fields such as fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, and mechanical vibrations.

Submissions should explore FIV of cylindrical structures in various contexts, including the dynamic responses of structures submerged in fluid, containing fluid, or subjected to external flow.

Topics of Interest:

  • Classical issues of flow-induced vibrations
  • Energy harvesting mechanisms and applications of flow-induced vibrations
  • Flow-induced vibration issues in the field of biomimicry
  • Applications of artificial intelligence in managing and predicting flow-induced vibrations
  • Other theoretical frontiers and advanced technologies in flow-induced vibrations

Submission Guidelines:

Manuscripts should be submitted through the Journal of Hydrodynamics online submission system ( Please select “Invited Articles” as the article type during the submission process, and in the cover letter, include “Special Issue on Flow-induced vibrations of cylindrical structures“.

Important Dates:

Submission Deadline: 31 Oct, 2024

Guest Editors:

  • Dr. Wanhai Xu, Tianjin University. China,
  • Dr. Yan Bao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. China,
  • Dr. Hongjun Zhu, Southwest Petroleum University. China,
  • Dr. Chunning Ji, Tianjin University. China,
  • Dr. Narakorn Srinil, Newcastle University, UK,


For any inquiries regarding the special issue or the submission process, please Join us in this symphony of exploration and innovation, where flow-induced vibrations harmonize to propel our understanding of both FIV phenomena and mechanism to new horizons. In this special issue, we celebrate the synergy between these domains and invite you to be part of this exciting journey.


Zheng Ma

Executive Editor-in-Chief

Journal of Hydrodynamics